How to Choose Your Blood Glucose Meter

A reliable blood glucose meter will help you keep tabs on your blood sugar levels. When purchasing a glucose meter, there are several things to consider before making your final decision.


If you have health insurance, check with your insurance provider and ask about any coverage details. There are insurance providers whose coverage is only limited to specific types or models of blood glucose meters, test strips and supplies, and often exclude the more expensive models of meters.

You can ask for their list of pre-approved meters and suppliers so that when you begin your search, you are already pre-armed with your potential purchase options.


Blood glucose meters come in a wide variety of models, some cheaper than others. However, before you choose, consider all the additional costs, such as the cost of test strips and any other bits and pieces you may need for that meter.

They’re often like buying a computer printer. They may appear cheap to buy the hardware, but the ink replacements turn out to be extremely expensive, making the initial purchase not a good one at all!

Ease of Use

Blood glucose meters should be user-friendly. You don’t want to raise your blood pressure through sheer aggravation due to the meter being too complicated to use! It should easy to hold and easy to carry so you can take it wherever you go.

The numbers on the screen must be clearly visible, especially if you are elderly or have vision problems. Make sure the results appear quickly on the screen and that it doesn’t take forever to display.

Make sure the strips are easy to use and that it isn’t difficult placing blood on them.

Special Features

There are meters that come with special features that make blood testing easier than others. Some of these features include backlit screens that allow readability at night, or where the environment has low-light visibility.

If you are vision-impaired choose a device that has audio capability so you can listen to the results during testing.

Storage Capability – Saving Your Results

It is worthwhile purchasing one that enables you to store or save previous readings for easy tracking of your blood glucose levels. This is a feature of most models available, so check that it available on your chosen model, especially if it is a cheaper one.

Due to our modern diet, tracking your blood glucose numbers has become a crucial part of health monitoring, especially if your doctor requires this information. A good meter allows you to save test results by creating logs which can be viewed or retrieved at any time.

Your doctor will be better assisted if you can show these readings at your next visit, or if you are more tech-savvy, you may prefer the type of meter that allows you to sync the recorded results into your computer or smartphone. This way, the next time your doctor asks for your blood glucose readings, you can simply email the results to them.


Although most meters come with a manual on how to use them, it is helpful to be able to call the manufacturer’s toll-free number for support. If you are worried about having difficulties on learning how to use the device, this is one feature to take into consideration. Knowing the manufacturer’s support line is also handy if you have faults with your meter, test strips or lancing device.

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