How Drinking Alcohol Contributes to High Blood Pressure

If you’re worried about your health, it’s important to understand the relationship between alcohol and blood pressure. While alcohol doesn’t always cause high blood pressure, excessive drinking can play a role in it. 

Some studies have shown that drinking one or two glasses of alcoholic beverages can improve heart health. But if you don’t drink, no healthcare provider would recommend that you start just to control blood pressure.

Drinking more than two drinks in a single day is detrimental to your health in many ways – but it can definitely cause your blood pressure to rise. If you have high blood pressure, this is the time to cut back on alcohol.

Beyond blood pressure, too much alcohol use can cause liver damage and other health complications that have negative consequences. It’s always best to use alcohol in moderation, which means limiting yourself to two drinks in a single day if you’re a man.

For women, the limit is even greater. It’s not recommended that women drink more than one drink in a single day to have good health. For many people, it’s not difficult to limit alcohol consumption.

However, you may find that as you examine your lifestyle and start to cut back, it’s harder than you thought it would be. If you find yourself struggling to stop drinking, it could indicate that alcohol and blood pressure might not be your greatest problem.

Alcohol addiction is a common problem that many people face. You may need to seek professional help to eliminate alcoholism from your life. Talk with your doctor about options that are covered by health insurance.

You can also take advantage of free resource such as Alcoholics Anonymous that can help you learn to eliminate alcohol and improve many aspects of your life. If you feel like alcohol is more than just an occasional indulgence, it’s important to examine its role in your life.

It’s important to be honest with your healthcare provider about issues with alcohol.  Alcohol can interfere with medications that you might take and can cause you to have greater side effects. Your doctor needs to know the truth about your alcohol consumption to treat you properly.

If you are concerned about your high blood pressure and lifestyle, it’s important to talk with your doctor. Together with your health provider, you can determine if your consumption of alcohol and blood pressure problems are related to each other.

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