Hormones You Should Pay Attention to If You Want to Boost Your Sex Life

A woman’s body goes through a lot of hormonal changes from birth to menopause. Hormones can influence how a woman feels physically, emotionally and psychologically. So it’s no wonder that when the hormones get out of balance, a woman’s sex drive can be greatly affected.

Exactly which hormones play a vital role in keeping your libido revved up? There is more than one. Estrogen is one of the key players here. A lack of estrogen can cause physical changes, such as difficulty maintaining moisture in the vagina during intimacy. This condition can lead to uncomfortable and even painful sex.

Testosterone is another hormone that has a role to play in your sex drive. Like men, women have this hormone. The adrenal glands and the ovaries are responsible for producing this hormone.

Production can slow down due to life changes, stress, and many others. In turn, that will affect your sex drive. Women don’t have nearly as much of this hormone as men do, but just like a man can experience a decrease in testosterone production, this can lead to a lack of interest in being intimate.

Another hormone that also plays a role in the sex drive is progesterone. Without the right balance of this crucial hormone, you’ll have trouble feeling the desire to be intimate. For men, while they don’t go through the same hormonal changes that a woman faces, their hormones can still affect their sex drive. When these hormones are affected, a man will lose interest in sex as well.

Testosterone for a man is not just important for them to have in order to feel desire for intimacy, but it’s a necessary hormone for maintaining erections. A low level of this hormone can lead to performance problems and even erectile dysfunction.

By restoring the out of balance hormones, a man or a woman can restore their sex drive. One way to get the hormones back into balance is through treatment – and the most often prescribed treatment is hormone replacement therapy. Some of these therapies come in the form of prescription pills, but other therapies can include the application of creams or suppositories to the vaginal area.

The options for a man to restore a hormonal balance are similar to a woman’s options. He can take prescription medication, shots or gel. Not only can the right testosterone balance for a man to improve his sex drive, but it can also prevent side effects from low testosterone, such as hair loss and osteoporosis.

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