Herbs to Clean Out Your Liver

When you are trying to detox and clean your liver, whether from fatty liver disease or otherwise, herbs are a good place to start. The following herbs are easy to come by, simple to add to drinks and meals, and will be great for getting a healthy, clean liver. 

Milk Thistle

The first herb that is good for cleaning out your liver when you have the fatty liver disease is milk thistle. This is a type of medicinal herb that has many amazing health benefits. There is a compound in milk thistle called silymarin that can keep toxins in your liver from leading to cell damage. You can stimulate the generation of the cells, while also cleansing toxins from the liver at the same time. Milk thistle can be added to your diet in a variety of ways, but one idea is to turn it into tea. You can get dried milk thistle leaves and steep them in hot water, similar to any other cup of tea. Sweeten it with a healthy, natural sweetener like honey. 

Dandelion Root

If you have ever looked up medicinal herbs, you have probably come across dandelion root more than once. This is definitely one of the top herbs for your health, with a wide range of benefits. It also happens to be high up on the list of herbs to use for fatty liver. Dandelion root is actually a type of weed, though also considered a medicinal herb. It really helps to clean out your liver, removing toxins and helping to break up the buildup of fat there. It can also help you to prevent more serious liver diseases like cirrhosis, which is a complication of liver disease. 


Turmeric is a type of root that is an orange-yellow color and provides a nice spice to your food. It also happens to be one of the best things you can feed your body and your liver. Turmeric is actually a root herb, related to ginger. It can help to boost the healthy regeneration of cells in your liver, plus protect your liver from damage. It is also great at removing toxins from your liver and kidneys. You can cook meals with turmeric to add some spice, or you can make a cup of turmeric tea.


The last herb on the list is chicory. This is another plant that is revered for its ability to detoxify your body and cleanse your liver of nasty fat and toxins. Chicory can be used for medicinal reasons, but the leaves also provide benefits for foods you prepare. This is great because it is easy to add to soups and other meals in order to get the benefits.

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