Differently Able + Face Mask Giveaway

The Powerful Story of Jennifer Lampaz 

Everyday, we hear amazing stories of persons with disabilities who do great things for themselves and the world around them, and every day, they fuel other people’s hopes for a better life. Jennifer Lampaz is one of the bearers of those incredible stories. Her disability did not stop her from accomplishing all her life endeavors for herself and her family. 

“My physical shortcomings were no barrier for me to persevere through life… Despite my disability, I’m actually the breadwinner of my family. It’s the one thing I thank God for because he made me feel that I have worth.”

Jennifer Lampaz

People like Jennifer give the rest of us another reason to strive towards a better future and become productive citizens of our country. Yes, all of us are needed, and each of us is an asset. So instead of feeling sorry or frowning upon persons with disabilities, begin seeing them as parts of a machine that are as necessary as the other parts, and without them, the system cannot function at its optimum state. In reality, not everyone would realize this notion, and sadly, the discouragement they receive comes not so much from their impairment as it does from the society in which they live. Do not be someone who second-guesses the capacity of persons with disabilities to do remarkable things; their deficiencies will not matter if you will not count them. 

As Jennifer puts it, she is not disabled—she is “differently able.” 

You can lend a helping hand to Jennifer and her fellow PWDs here at Orgaanics. For every ₱1500 worth of purchase of participating products, you will be given one (1) face mask sewn by our PWD friends. This is a great chance to express your appreciation and show an act of kindness to people like Jennifer who taught us a valuable life lesson: the only power your circumstances have over you is the power that you give them. So start living your life your way and make great things happen.


*Every ₱1500 worth of purchase = 1 FREE Face Mask

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