Amazing Ways You Can Benefit from the Noni Fruit

Noni fruit is a superfood with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. This fruit is used in several ways to help with some health issues and problems. If you are considering noni fruit as part of your daily routine, or for specific health issues, you may be wondering how to incorporate it properly. Here are some different ways you can use noni fruit in your diet to gain the most benefit.


Juicing is the most traditional way to use the noni fruit in your daily life and routine. This is easy to make an option. If you have a juicing machine, all you have to do is take the noni fruit and cut it up. Put the cubes or slices into the juicer and juice. You may find the taste to be slightly bitter. If that is the case, you can add citrus fruit, grapes, or other similar fruit. This will help create a sweeter taste while still giving you the benefits you want and need.


Smoothies are a way of using the noni fruit if juicing doesn’t appeal to you. You can take the noni fruit and cut it up in slices or cubed. Take the pieces and place them in a blender. Add one-half cup of water and blend. You can add fruits, greek yogurt, and even vegetables to the mix. This will boost the smoothie and give you what you need from the noni fruit. You can also avoid the water and use a juice for the smoothie to cut the bitter flavor of the noni.


If juicing and smoothies don’t work for you, you can dehydrate the fruit and eat it in a mix of granola bars or something similar. All you need to do is slice the fruit into thin peeled slices. You need to make sure they are just slightly thicker than paper-thin for proper dehydration. You do not need a food dehydrator. You can dehydrate the slices in the oven on a low setting for several hours or until they do not have a sticky feel to them. You can then add them to various recipes and eat the slices in that manner.


One final way of eating noni that many people do not consider is through a powder. You can dehydrate the fruit, and instead of using it in a trail mix or something similar, you can put the dried pieces in a blender. Blend them until you create a fine powder. Add a spoonful of powder to your juicing, your protein powder mixes, and even into capsules to take daily.

There are other ways you can use noni fruit in your daily diet or daily routine, but these are the most common. As you get used to using noni fruit, you will find other ways that work for you.

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