How To Feel Confident In The Skin You Are In

Social media and the trend of instant gratification have given rise to a plethora of self-esteem problems. It is important to feel confident in the skin you are in no matter what color, size, or skin problems you may be facing. There is a lot of truth to the saying that beauty is only skin deep, it really is what’s inside that matters. Everyone is meant to look different, so if you are feeling down, we have some tips to help.

Don’t Let The Scale Dictate Your Value

Keeping an eye on your weight is important to help maintain a healthy BMI, but your weight alone is not an indication of beauty. Obsessing about how much you weigh every time you step in the bathroom however is only going to add to your stress, lower your self-esteem, and cause you to have a lower view of your personal self-image. Stick to weighing yourself once a week, or even once every two weeks to help reduce stress and allow yourself to focus on health more than weight.

Skip Fashion Magazines

Fashion magazines used to be a place to get tips and fashion advice paired with some glamorous imagery. These days, they are little more than books full of photoshopped images that are just thinly veiled product advertisements. Who in their right mind would buy expensive products from someone who looks like the lady next door, no one. Even the models on the cover don’t look like the perfected images they portray. Save yourself the extra dose of ego-deflating images and pick up a gardening book instead. Real people have bumps, texture, scars, and cellulite but it doesn’t detract from their worth or their beauty.

Spend Less Time In The Mirror

Too much time in front of the mirror can actually have a negative effect on how you view yourself. The more you look at your face or body, the more things you will find that make you unhappy. Most people who are struggling with body image concerns spend several hours a day looking at their reflection and seeking out things they want to change. Make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of time you spend looking at the mirror to improve how you feel about how you look. Instead, only look in the mirror during your grooming time and focus on your skills more than your looks.

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