Guide To Eating Clean For Dummies

Clean eating has been around for a long time, but in recent years there has been more focus placed on the practice. For those looking to lose weight or those looking to improve their health, clean eating is an effective method for creating measurable change. It helps remove the craving for negative effects inducing foods such as salt, fats, and sugars. Let’s go over the basics before you dive in headfirst.

What Is Clean Eating?

This form of eating is not a short-term diet, in fact, it is a lifestyle change that will allow you to live longer, feel better, and lose weight in many cases. Processed foods are out and whole foods are in. Getting rid of processed food eliminates excess carbohydrates, sugars, chemicals, and fats from your body. These are replaced with options that are chocked full of vitamins and minerals.

The Basics

The first rule of clean eating is to cook your meals at home. This allows you to see and limit what goes into each dish and in what quantities. Yes, food from restaurants tastes great, but that is because they use copious amounts of salt and even MSG in their dishes. The next rule is to always read the labels on any packaged food that you purchase. Only buy items that contain ingredients that you would use to cook yourself. Don’t only go by calorie or carb counts either. Some high-calorie foods have low sugar and saturated fat levels, with most of the calories coming from protein, which is fine. Plenty of low-calorie foods as well are loaded with extra sugar and carbs, which is bad for your health.

Minding Your Meals

The third rule is to eat food that is as whole as possible. That means non-modified foods and those that have not been processed. Though GMO food is hard to avoid, you can avoid processed foods that have salt, sugars, and preservatives. That brings us to the next rule, which is eating balanced meals. When you start eating whole foods, it is easy to forget to eat in a balanced manner. Even healthy food can make you sick if you eat too little of one thing and too much of another. Also, instead of sitting down to three large meals, split up your food into 5 or even 8 micro meals. This will help prevent you from getting cravings that can derail your meal plan.

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